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At the Byron-Bergen Public Library, we envision a space that supports intellectual freedom, diversity of thought, and unimpeded pursuit of knowledge. We are steadfast in our commitment to nurturing a space that celebrates curiosity, values diverse narratives, and stands firmly against censorship. In our dedication to this vision, we unwaveringly reject book-banning and uphold the principles of open access, fostering an environment where minds are free to explore, question, and grow, without constraint.


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13 South Lake Avenue
Bergen, NY 14416
(585) 494-1120

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    If you have a complaint regarding our materials or displays, you might like to review our Grievance Policy.



    “Complaint Form for Literature Found Objectionable” and “General Concern Form” will be provided by the Library Manager at the request of any patron. Each form will be presented to the Board for review, entered into the minutes, and a response from the Board will be sent to the complainant.

    Reconsideration Procedures
    The choice of the Library materials by users is an individual matter.  Responsibility for the reading materials of children and adolescents rests with their parents or legal guardians.  While a person may reject material for himself or herself and or his or her children, he or she cannot exercise censorship to restrict access to the material by others.

    The Library supports intellectual freedom and has adopted the following statements as policy.  ALA Freedom to Read Statement, ALA Library Bill of Rights, and the Freedom to View statement of American Film and Video Association.

    Citizen requests for reconsideration shall be made in writing and given to the Library Manager for a written response.  Appeals will be directed to the Board of Trustees for final decision.


    Display cases and all other areas within the Library will be utilized at the discretion of the Manager, but are provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people in the community which the Library serves. There are spaces to display various brochures and pamphlets, also at the discretion of the Manager.

    Political and/or controversial material and exhibits can be rejected by the Manager and/or Board. Exhibit materials should meet the criteria of public interest, be informational or enlightening subjects, and/or promote the goals, resources or services of the Library. Individuals displaying items in the case will be notified that the Board of Trustees and the employee of the Library assume no responsibility for the preservation, protection, or possible damage or theft of any items displayed. Items for a display will be accepted without a waiver signed by the owner absolving Byron-Bergen Public Library and the Towns of Byron and Bergen of liability for loss or damage beyond that covered by insurance.