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  • 13 South Lake Avenue, Bergen, NY 14416

At the Byron-Bergen Public Library, we envision a space that supports intellectual freedom, diversity of thought, and unimpeded pursuit of knowledge. We are steadfast in our commitment to nurturing a space that celebrates curiosity, values diverse narratives, and stands firmly against censorship. In our dedication to this vision, we unwaveringly reject book-banning and uphold the principles of open access, fostering an environment where minds are free to explore, question, and grow, without constraint.

Hours & Info

Patrons must present a valid Library card to check out materials.

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Hours of Operation

  • Tuesday

    10-1 & 2-7pm

  • Wednesday

    10-1 & 2-7pm

  • Thursday

    10-1 & 2-7pm

  • Friday


  • *Saturday


*Closed Saturdays July and August

Our book drop is open and all materials can be dropped off at any time.

Library services will include patron browsing and checkout, computer usage (one 30-minute session per day), as well as copy/fax services. Curbside pickup is still available (see below for details).

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How to request materials:

➤ Call the Library during operating hours, Tuesday-Saturday at 494-1120.
➤ Or, contact us at byrbgn@nioga.org.
➤ Staff will call you when books are available.
➤ Please let us know when you will be picking up the materials.

When you arrive at the Library:

➤ There will be a book cart inside the front door. Your materials will either be in a box or bag with your name for no-contact pick up

✩ Please respect others and stay 6-feet apart.
✩ Return all library materials in the book return located at the front of the building.
We’re open 24/7 with Overdrive/Libby and Hoopla, for eBooks, audio books, movies, and magazines!

You must apply for a Library card in person and present a picture ID with name and current street address. If you need a card to use our Digital materials, please email us at byrbgn@nioga.org with your name, address, phone number and date of birth. We will be happy to set you up with a card. Byron-Bergen Public Library cards are only issued to residents of Genesee, Orleans and Niagara counties. You may also receive a library card if you work, own property or attend school in the Byron-Bergen School District.

Non-resident cards are available for a fee of $30.00 per year.

Non-Resident Policy

If an individual lives or owns property within the NIOGA region (Niagara, Orleans and/or Genesee Counties) the person is considered eligible to receive a library card at no charge, provided the individual can show proof of residency and/or proof of property ownership. In addition, those patrons that attend the Byron-Bergen Public School district and those employed within the area are also considered eligible to receive a library card at no charge.

Individuals not falling within the guidelines above would be considered non-residents and will be charges a fee of not less than $30 per year for a library card.

In addition, non-resident patrons may borrow 8 items at any given time, including no more than 2 audiovisual (A.V.) materials. New patrons are limited to 2 items on the day of registration.

Inter-Library Loan Policy

As a member of the NIOGA System, we will make every effort to fill requests from other members immediately unless there is a local waiting list for the material. If we borrow a book or other material from NIODA or other member libraries, we will honor the circulation rules of the lending library if they differ from our own. Any fines differing from our fine system must be made known to the patron upon borrowing the material. The responsibility of fines is not to the lending library, but to the borrowed library.

As a member of NIOGA, we will endeavor to honor the contractual commitments of NIOGA between libraries and agencies.

Library Cards for Digital Media

If you would like a library card to use our digital platforms, email your name, address, phone number, and birthdate to byrbgn@nioga.org or call 494-1120 for information during library hours.

Three week loan period for all materials except DVDs.

DVDs are loaned for one week.

Library Circulation Policy

Any properly registered individual may take out any circulating item in the adult or children’s room collections unless the individual’s privileges have been revoked.

There are no limits on the numbers of materials that can be taken out by any given patron unless there are restrictions placed on a child by a parent at the time of registration, with the exception of new patrons and non-resident patrons as outlined in the non-resident policy.

All materials circulate for a 3-week loan period and may be renewed once in person of by phone or Internet, exceptions listed below:

New Books – Circulate for 1 non-renewable 3-week loan period due to the high interest generated by new materials
DVDs – Circulate for a 2-week loan period
New DVDs – Circulate for 1 non-renewable week loan period
Playaways – Circulate for 3-week loan period

All materials may be returned in the 24-hour drop box at the front of the building.

All materials may be renewed twice unless there is a waiting list for that item.

Materials may be renewed by phone by calling 494-1120 or through your online account.

Please have your library card number and/or material barcode available when calling the library.

Materials may be requested by phone or through your online account. Please have your Library card number and/or material barcode available when calling the Library at 585-494-1120.

Materials are discharged off patron library cards using the last business date open. For example, if materials due Wednesday are dropped off after hours that evening, overdue fees will not apply.

Printed Materials, Music CDs and Audio CDs

Minimum Fine: 20¢ per day (per item)
Maximum Fine: $5 per item
Lost Item: Replacement value

DVDs and VHS

Minimum Fine: $.20 per day (per item)
Maximum Fine: $5 per item.
Lost Item: Replacement value

Library Policies for Overdue Materials

The first reminder for patrons have overdue materials is sent 1weeks after the due date.

The second reminder for patrons that have overdue materials is sent 3 weeks after the due date.

Patrons are sent a legal notice 6 weeks after the due date. Legal notices shall contain the following:

Identification of the materials that need to be returned:

1) A statement of the replacement cost of the material as determined below:
• If a patron loses or refuses to return library material, the patron will be charged the cost of replacement of the material if it is still available.
• If the material is no longer available, the patron will be charged the original cost of the material.
• If the original cost of the material cannot be determined, the patron will be charged the cost of a suitable replacement for the material.

2) A statement of overdue charges if applicable.

3) The following statement from the NYS Education Law details legal penalties in addition to the above:

Section 265 of the Education Law of the State of New York is as follows:
Detention – “Whoever willfully detains any book, newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, manuscript, or other property belonging to any public or incorporated library, reading-room, museum, or other educational institution, for thirty days after notice in writing to return the same, given after the expiration of the time by which the rules of such institution, such as article or other property may be kept, shall be punished by a fine of not less than one more than twenty-five dollars, or by imprisonment in jail not exceeding six months, and the said notice shall bear on its face a copy of this section.”


A copy of a patron’s legal notice may be sent to an appropriate law enforcement agency’s office 10 weeks after the due date.

The statute of limitations concerning a person who has not returned material is no more than six years. While civil or criminal action may not be taken on an individual after this six year period has expired, the library will continue to deny individuals library privileges until they have reimbursed the library or otherwise settled the dispute.

Financial donations can be made directly to the Byron-Bergen Public Library and mailed to P.O. Box 430, Bergen NY 14416 or stop in for a visit.

Donations in Honor of a Love One

If you would like to create a lasting memory of a loved one, or would like to honor a special person in a distinctive way, please consider donating funds to purchase a book for our collection. Donors may suggest areas of interest and a Librarian will purchase a title that meets the needs of our collection. A bookplate will be placed in the front cover of the book to acknowledge the honoree. Click below to download our memorial donation form.

Library Gift Policy

Gifts will be accepted by the Library Manager following the guidelines of the Board. Any unusual gifts will not be accepted without the approval of the Board.

Gifts received by the Manager will be recorded in the special memorial book by the donor, when possible. Memorial material will also be designated as such.

The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any gifts. Gift materials accepted by the Board may be added to the collections, sold, or given to other libraries or discarded. Gifts presented to the Library with qualifying conditions will be accepted at the discretion of the Board. Length of time for the display of gift items is at the Manager’s discretion.