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2021 Barley & Books Event

Thank you to everyone that helped make the Library Fundraiser a success! We made over $12,000 from Sponsors, Ticket Sales and Auction/Raffle items!

*Flight Level: $750 Contribution
Millspaugh Construction Company (DBA Sam and Son Company)
*Grape Level: $500 Contribution
Dilcher Excavating
Liberty Pumps
Northeast Industrial Technologies
*Hops Level: $250 Contribution
Bergen Business and Civic Organization
Michael and Robyn Brookhart
Rich and Susan Pringle
Edgar and Mary Louise Hollwedel
*Barley Level: $100 Contribution
Bergen Family Chiropractic
Dewey Produce, Inc.
The Firing Pin
John and Mary Jane Handley
L Brooke Farms
Pocock’s Repair
Pumpkin Hill Veterinary Clinic
Rose Garden Bowl
Smart Design Architecture
Thompson Builds
Hosts: Mark and Wanda Swanson
Auction, Tents, Tables, and Chairs: Wilcox Family
Entertainment by John Cummings Family and Friends
Food: Ralph and Rosie’s Deli
Tastings by Black Creek Cidery, Genesee Brewery, 5 Sons Winery, and Wright Beverage
Committee Members: Robyn Brookhart, Robin Day, Gary DeWind, Carrie Gale, Katie Rumble, Shari Shuck, Shirley Wade and Sally Capurso (Chairperson)
Thanks also to the following who have contributed in some way: Autumn Moon Winery, Dave Barclay, Buffalo Bills, Brindle Haus Brewing, David Burke, Buffalo Sabres, Michael and Robyn Brookhart, Sally Capurso, Maria Chimino, Circle B Winery, PJ Cummings, Robin Day and Mom, Gary and Brian DeWind, Ehrmentraut Auto, Clarisa Gallup, Garner Farms, Dale Fisher, Greg’ry’s, Gillam-Grant Center, Sheila Hughes, Luke, Northwoods Alpaca, Abby Landean, Naughton’s Johnson House, Pivot Acupuncture, Pontillo’s, Donna Pringle, Rich Pringle, Red Osier Restaurant, Catherine Rhoads, Cady Riggs, Runnings, Shari Shuck, Jerry and Cheri Sheridan, Stone’s Restaurant, Lacie Snell, Sunnking, Mark and Wanda Swanson, Triple OOO, Untangled, Village of Bergen, Shirley Wade.
“Please excuse any that may have inadvertently been left off the list.”