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Library patrons are expected to be orderly so that other may enjoy the use of the Library undisturbed. Violators of the above may be denied use of the Library.

Cell Phone Use

Patrons are asked to silence their cell phones while patronizing the Library. While it is understandable that emergency use of cell phones may be necessary while attending the Library, patrons that must accept a phone call while using the facility are asked to exit the Library area while taking the call.

Unattended Children Policy

While Libraries are generally considered friendly, safe environments for children, parents should be aware that Libraries are public buildings where any individual may enter. In this way, the Library may be compared to a shopping mall or airport, for example, in that the person standing next to you may be your next door neighbor or they may be a perfect stranger about whom nothing is known. In addition, Library staff is hired to perform Library duties and cannot be expected to deal with a small child who might be frightened, tired or ill. Parents, not Library staff, are responsible for the behavior of children using the Library. For theses reasons, we prefer that adults supervise their children while they use the facilities.


Computer / Internet Use

Available with valid Library card (Roadrunner High Speed connection). Children under 14 years old must have a parent or guardian present. Wi-Fi wireless connection also available.

Copy & Fax

Sevices are available for a small fee. Please call the library for current rates.

Reading Events & Programs

The Library has a Summer Reading, book discussion groups, and preschool and family story times.

Material Loan & Purchase Options

The library offers interlibrary loans, telephone renewals (library card number required) and used book sales. Click here for more information on borrowing materials.

Coupon Sharing

We have a coupon sharing program. Please stop in with your current unused coupons and trade them for those that are useful to you!

County Participation

  • A Tale for Three Counties: An area wide "one book" project for Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming Counties.
    SAGE: This program provides library services to homebound and resident senior citizens in the county, funded by a grant from the Muriel H. Marshall Fund for the Aging.

Workshops and Other Programs

We offer outreach to local preschools, Scout programs (available upon request), and various workshops. See our calendar of events for what's coming up.

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As a member of the NIOGA System, we will make every effort to fill requests from other members immediately unless there is a local waiting list for the material. If we borrow a book or other material from NIODA or other member libraries, we will honor the circulation rules of the lending library if they differ from our own. Any fines differing from our fine system must be made known to the patron upon borrowing the material. The responsibility of fines is not to the lending library, but to the borrowed library.

As a member of NIOGA, we will endeavor to honor the contractual commitments of NIOGA between libraries and agencies.